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Inspired by the decision-making and leadership skills detected in bio-mimicry, Pollinator Ambassadors offers an unprecedented approach to project consultancy and skill development.

We teach courses on sustainable beekeeping and nature-based project management. And we design perfectly fitting CSR solutions to make your business greener. What is more, we direct your feedback straight to the European Commission as a well-established advocacy group.

Project Coaching for Change Makers

Are you an aspiring conservationist?

Do you have a passion for nature? Would you like to dedicate your time to your own conservation project, but have never been taught the entrepreneurial skills to do so?

We give you the specific knowledge you need to empower yourself. Our workshops teach you how to start, manage and expand your grassroots initiative. Inspired by the wisdom of pollinators, our workshops empower you to become a leaders in today’s world-wide conversation on conservation.

CSR & CER Solutions

Does your business follow the global movement yet?

Does your company live a sustainable culture only economically or also ecologically? We believe that financial success and sustainability are not contradictory, but absolutely reliant on each other. 

With custom-made solutions, we make your enterprise more socially and ecologically responsible. 


Policy Advisory

Do you deal with conservation law and policies, but lack direct feedback from the experts on the ground?

As stakeholders we represent small-scale businesses and conservation projects. Pollinator Ambassadors goal is to stand up for those who need financial, structural or skill-related support. We are the direct link between conservationists and the European Union. We raise consciousness for the thousands of active and passionate people in Europe to change the planet for the better.


Sustainable Beekeeping Classes

Single classes can be booked individually or as a group workshop.

Honeybee & Co

The relationship of Wild and Domesticated Pollinators

Beekeeping for Beginners

Equipment & Personal Requirements for an ethical approach

Ethics & Sustainability for Beekeepers

An introduction to conventional, organic and biodynamic beekeeping

Botanics for Bee Lovers

Plant what pollinators love!

Pollinator Protection

Insect Hotels, Organic Farming & Co

The History of Honey

An introduction to the cultural value of hoenybees across the globe

The Beekeeping Calendar

Learn about the natural rhythm of honeybee colonies so you can adapt your beekeeping tasks!

The Miracle of Pollination

How it works and why it is important

Don’t wait to make the shift to a more sustainable approach

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