Call for Action on Biodiversity

Location: Europe and Beyond
Founding Date: November 2019
Partnering Orzanization: Biodiversity Action Europe (BAE)

How we help:


Co-Writing the Call for Action


Reaching out to biodiversity initiatives


Engage - Enforce - Enable Biodiversity

BAE is an initiative formed by young Europeans demanding action for biodiversity through tapping into the relationship between people and nature. Its mission is to Call for Action for biodiversity at EU policy level and beyond. Through campaigns and engagement with other youth advocacy groups, we aim to make young voices heard in high level discussions about the future of our planet.

Our Cause for Action

As much-needed transformative change throughout our societies is sidelined for short-term economic solutions, European youth feel pessimistic and anxious. Nevertheless, the young and not so young are mobilising to defend our beloved Earth across the globe. To all of us, nature is BAE

Why Biodiversity?

Biodiversity is life; it is essential to the lives of current and future generations. BAE believes humankind can still learn to stop the over exploitation of nature which is leading to our own extinction. We greatly appreciate the EU’s launch of the EU Green Deal and the ways it is taking shape through the Biodiversity StrategyFarm 2 Fork strategyCircular Economy Action Plan, and others, but their success depends on their  implementation.

We support each other


Speakers on Youth and Biodiversity


Youth Advocacy