What are Pollinator Ambassadors?

What is a Pollinator?

pollinator is an animal that causes plants to make fruits or seeds. By moving pollen from one part of the flower of a plant to another, new seeds are created that grow into new plants. 

Why are Pollinators important?

The transfer of pollen is crucial for a diverse plant habitat and is the main means of producing food for human and animal consumption. Without pollinators, life’s hard!

What’s an Ambassador?

An ambassador is a representative or promoter of a specified activity, in this case pollination! As an ambassador you represent something that you deeply care for, and that you know quite a bit about.

Let's put it together, then.

We understand Pollinator Ambassadors as engaged people, initiatives and businesses in biodiversity protection. Thanks to their efforts, the protection of pollinators is tangible on all levels.

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Biomimicry: Nature-based Innovation

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