pollinator ambassadors

Empowering Pollinators, Projects and People


An EU-funded Solidarity Project in the mountains of northern Spain

Melliferas del Cerrato was created by a group of six young Spanish men in Autumn 2019. As engaged citizens and nature lovers from Castillo y León, they noticed various factors causing pollinator decline, and decided to do something about it.

The founders are particularly concerned about the problems that biodiversity suffers due to climate change. By keeping their own bee hives, they tackle specifically the problem of the lack of pollinators in rural areas. As they know and fully commit to the holistic vision of Pollinator Ambassadors, they do more than just keeping bees.

Through workshops and presentations, Melliferas del Cerrato informs students and the general public about pollinators, so they can know and understand their struggles in the ecosystem. Also, they try to slow down the mobilization of youth from the countryside. Through agricultural and ecosystem services-based education, they inspire other young people  to find their dedication in a rural environment.