Empowering Pollinators, Projects and People

Cause of Action

Pollinators are declining worldwide. Not only honey-bees managed by beekeepers have it tough, but especially wild bees, bats, birds, and butterflies. Without pollinators, entire ecosystems will collapse as well as agriculture as we know it. The cause for the declines are complex, but what is very clear is that we have to take action to protect these vital organisms to ensure a livable future for all.

Not only individuals engage in saving pollinators. Conservationists, such as specialists in biodiversity, add major value to the preservation of habitats and scientific knowledge. However, for many of them, non-standard employment has become the new standard. Despite academic degrees or specialized  experience, activists and young academics are not sufficiently valued on the labour market. 

Our Inspiration

As beekeepers, nature workers, and political scientists, we believe that we have a duty to be Pollinator Ambassadors. Giving pollinators a voice is essential for their survival, both in policy making and in everyday life.

We also give a voice to their Ambassadors. We believe that a strong political focus on environmental work has to result in higher economic prioritisation as well. Pollinator Ambassadors need higher project funds to make impact and they deserve standard working conditions while doing so.

Our Vision

As Pollinator Ambassadors, we envision a world where pollinators are no longer threatened, and instead are thriving in healthy ecosystems.

We envision a world where all beekeepers are Pollinator Ambassadors.

We envision a world where young people from all walks of life can engage in biodiversity conservation without having to go broke.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower pollinators, projects, and people.

Our mission is to empower more beekeepers and other citizens to become active Pollinator Ambassadors and to make work in conservation more accessible and inclusive.

Our actions include consulting for beekeeping projects, educational workshops on pollinators and pollination, and campaigns to promote their importance  in the European Union and beyond. 

To boost projects, we develop innovative new ideas and offer support on how to connect people and projects with funding opportunities. Not shying away from talking money, we advocate for more inclusive and more innovative funding mechanisms in the European Union. We believe that a financially sustainable model is vital for businesses and projects to have efficient and lasting impact. 

Thirdly, citizens who care for the environment deserve empowerment on all levels. Through career coaching we help environmental workers to reach full financial appreciation on the labor market. We offer personal coaching in order to boost people’s entrepreneurial, communication, and soft skills. We want to boost your self-confidence, so you can take action for the wellbeing of both pollinators and yourself.